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Heather Lyn

Claremont Unified School District
English Teacher
El Roble Intermediate School
Heather Lyn is a 15 year classroom teacher and curriculum TOSA.
She has Apple Teacher with Swift Playgrounds Recognition and is a Google Certified Educator. The last four years she has been teaching in a 1:1 iPad classroom and coaching other staff. For the last 12 years she has been establishing and developing her own curriculum for a hybrid modeled class. She has continued to develop and improve this curriculum embedding technology and evolving for best practices and changing state standards.
Heather's perspective on WRITING:
In today's curriculum, writing is often not a focus even though it is a large part of common core curriculum. Not only are English teachers being asked to teach three or four different styles of writing, but other subjects are to incorporate writing across all curriculum areas. Students often can write words on paper but don't have the tools necessary to organize their thoughts and progress through the writing process without teachers hovering over them. The apps presented will give teachers options based on grade level for teaching writing. Students today are very visual, using apps can tap into that learning style or combine multiple learning styles for a more successful writing experience. This presentation is meant to be an overview of many apps in order for participants to spark ideas for their own classrooms/ schools.

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