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Sabrina Goldstein

Anaheim Elementary School District
Digital Learning Coach
If you're curious...
My twitter handle @tinytrekker is a reference to my love of hiking, not Star Trek. I'm more of a Star Wars fan :)

I've been a teacher 19+ years, but the past 3 years I've been a Digital Learning Coach (DLC) TOSA at two schools in the Anaheim City School District. I am so fortunate to work with an amazing group of DLC's to collaborate and build better ways to integrate tech within our school district.

My professional favorite techy things to do are Scratch Coding &video production with students. I organize clubs in my school for both activities and help my students build skills in those areas.

I love my current teaching role for the wonderful moments I see my students and teachers light up and become inspired by finding a techy way to express themselves.

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